Meet the Team

Nicholas Hancey | FOUNDER

Running, skiing, and fly fishing have always been lifelong priorities for Nick. Using his degree in business from Utah State University, and continually searching for simple, yet versatile, outdoor equipment is what led Nick to the concept of BottleBand. Helping people get outside more and go a little further each time is what Nick loves about his job.  

John Johnson | CO-FOUNDER

While attending Utah State University, John earned a bachelor's degree in international business along with minors in both finance and marketing. He was heavily involved in the entrepreneurship club and is always coming up with new ideas and solutions to current problems.

John has a love of sports and competed as a collegiate pole vaulter for the USU Track and Field team. He can spend an entire day fishing and loves anything that involves being in the great outdoors.

Courtney Pace | CO-FOUNDER

Growing up at the base of the Wasatch Range, Court spent lots of time playing in the mountains. Whether it’s skiing, running, or climbing, he is at home in the back country.

He has a bachelor's degree in accounting and an MBA from Utah State University. BottleBand allows Court to blend his love of the outdoors with his passion for business.

Madison Johnson | PHOTOGRAPHER

While growing up in the small town of Cleveland, Utah, Madison gained a love of the outdoors and small town life. She attended Utah State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in interior design.

While at USU, Madison was also a high jumper for the Track and Field team. She has a great love for sports. As a self-taught graphic designer and photographer, Madison loves using her design skills to bring BottleBand to life.


Because she spent most of her childhood on the slopes, Rio has a love of the outdoors and most every outdoor activity.

Aside from excelling at virtually every recreational venture, Rio has a great eye for design and style. She graduated from Utah State with a bachelor's in graphic design and has employed those skills to help BottleBand come to fruition.


Nate's love of the outdoors started young when his Dad would carry him on his shoulders while fishing and hiking. He graduated from the University of Utah this year with a Bachelors in Sociology.

Growing up in the technological age he uses his skills to bring awareness to BottleBand. Climbing is his passion, but he just enjoys being in the great outdoors.